Our Mission

To exceed every customer’s expectations, every time. By delivering exceptional accuracy in everything we do – not only in the parts and assemblies we manufacture, but also through perfection in customer service.

Our Vision

To continue to focus on delivering the uncompromising precision and accuracy that have made Star the company it is today. In fact, we’re on track to only get better.

To work diligently, every day, continuously improving our overall manufacturing, on-time delivery and our dedication to customer service. We know maintaining our competitive edge depends on it. Plus, exploring the latest technological innovations, proactively adapting to the ever-changing needs of the markets we serve, and finding smarter, faster solutions will also help our customers maintain their own competitive edge.

We also vow to remain a socially responsible organization as we continue to grow. Beyond industry regulations and guidelines, we rely on the principles and integrity of our employees — because our entire team knows that upholding high ethical standards is vital to the future health of our company, and yours.