Star Precision Expands Mill/Turn Machining Capabilities

Cleveland, OH: August 21, 2020. For immediate release

Star Precision Technologies continues to grow our mill/turn machining capabilities. Our new live-tooling mill/turn centers have twin turrets and twin spindles, allowing Star to complete multiple operations, reducing cycle time. Live tooling integrates milling and turning and allows Star to enhance the capability to various machined components, including precision valves, cartridges, and shafts. 

With these multitasking mill/turn machines, Star can produce materials 30″ long with diameters of up to 10″. As usual, we can achieve tight tolerances for multiple materials including high performance alloys such as Inconel, Titanium, and Tool Steels.

For more information on the capabilities of Star’s precision machining, please contacts Star Precision’s sales team at or at 440-266-7700.

Star Precision Welcomes Quality Director Doug Broome

Cleveland, OH: Feb. 25, 2020. For immediate release

Star Precision Technologies is pleased to announce that Doug Broome recently joined our team as Director of Quality. In this role, Doug will oversee the company’s quality system and related initiatives for its precision manufacturing operations that serve the power generation, petrochemical, aerospace, and similar markets.

Doug brings 20 years of leadership experience in a variety of manufacturing roles, the last 10 years in the aerospace industrial market. He will be instrumental in ensuring that parent company Alloy Bellows and its Star business unit meet customers’ very highest quality standards.

In addition, Doug’s ground-up approach helps to quickly identify and correct the root cause of issues that arise.  He has made a “100% commitment” to identifying and correcting customer and strategic partner concerns in a timely fashion.

Doug’s background in directing cross-functional teams—overseeing Operations, Business Development, and HR disciplines—will benefit both Star and its customers.

For more information, contact:

Marina Malenic
440.684.3000 ext. 159

Star Precision Among Companies at Mentor High Career Day


Cleveland, OH: Nov. 11, 2019. For Immediate Release

Representatives from Star Precision Technologies were among area employers who attended Mentor High School’s annual career day on Nov. 8. This year’s career day was well-attended, with over 30 companies and some 300 students participating.

Companies presented details on their internship programs, as well as details on what types of skills are in high demand in the northeast Ohio area.

Star Precision Technologies joined dozens of area companies at Mentor High School’s career day this year.

Students were able to learn about manufacturing career fields such as machining, welding and CNC programming, as well as about jobs in numerous other industries. As they looked toward their post-high school lives, the students were curious about how they might prepare themselves for career fields such as welding and engineering in college and in trade school.

For more information, contact:

Marina Malenic
440.684.3000 ext 159

Star Precision Technologies joined dozens of area companies at Mentor High School's career day this year.

Star Adds Precision Turning Production Capacity

Cleveland, OH: Sept. 20, 2019. For Immediate Release

Star Precision Technologies has added another twin-spindle CNC lathe to support the growing production demand from customers.

Bringing the shop up to 15 production lathes with live tooling, the new Hwacheon 230 BL CNC is ideal for applications such as shafts, couplings, flanges and bushings with tight tolerances.

Adding a turning center with a second spindle allows multi-operations in single set-up which then increases productivity and quality by reducing part handling.

Part-transferring capabilities and live tooling allow all these machines to produce a finished part machined on both faces by using secondary operations such as drilling and tapping on both faces [axially] or sides [radially].

Star uses the latest in 5-axis flexible machining technology to help us consistently achieve the highest levels of accuracy, every time. Beyond the equipment, we employ lean practices and work diligently to constantly sharpen our overall manufacturing, quality and delivery capabilities.

With nearly 50,000 square feet of floor space and the state-of-the-art equipment it takes to produce uncommonly precise parts and assemblies, Star Precision can handle everything from your large-volume projects to highly specialized, small production runs.

For more information, contact:

Marina Malenic
440.684.3000 ext. 159


Bringing the shop up to 15 production lathes with live tooling, Star's new machine is ideal for a variety of applications.

Star Announces ‘Certified Operator’ Program

Cleveland, OH: Aug. 20, 2019. For Immediate Release

To better serve its customers, Star Precision Technologies has implemented a ‘Certified Operator’ program for in-process inspection of precision machined components.

The goal of the program is focusing on defect prevention instead of detection. By flowing the ownership of quality to the operator, the goal is to achieve 100% yield at every production operation.

This continuous improvement initiative consists of instructional training; a comprehensive exam; submission of three consecutive first articles; and in-process audits.  The certification allows the operators to approve their operation first articles, reducing the need for secondary inspection by the quality assurance department.

After certification, operators are randomly audited weekly on their documentation, gauging, and product quality.  Every year thereafter, they must attend refresher training and pass a comprehensive exam to maintain their certification.  Auditing is ongoing.

Star Precision Technologies Delivers Lock Pin Assemblies to DLA Aviation

Cleveland, OH: July 15, 2019. For Immediate Release

The components were delivered to DLA’s distribution center at Hill AFB, Utah, this month. DLA provides supplies to the military services and supports their acquisition of weapons, fuel, repair parts, and other materials. 

For more information, contact:

Marina Malenic
440.684.3000 ext. 159


Airmen assigned to the 57th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron load a BLU-117 bomb on an F-15 Eagle aircraft during the load crew competition of the year at Nellis AFB, Nev., Jan. 8, 2018. Image credit: Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Andrew D. Sarver

Alloy Bellows CEO: Retention Critical to Success in Tight Labor Market

Cleveland, OH: June 24, 2019. For Immediate Release

Michael Canty, President and CEO of Alloy Bellows and Precision Welding, is dealing with a tight labor market by focusing on retention. Manufacturing competition in the Cleveland area is fierce, so Canty does his best to hold onto the workers he has.

“Much of our equipment is specialized. We’ve custom-developed it for our own needs, and we’ve trained people on that,” he told Nightly Business Report. “If we lose someone with those skills, we must start all over then with someone who replaces them.”

Small business owners have been more upbeat about the economy in recent months, according to the May 15 Nightly Business Report segment.

A recent survey from National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) showed that small business optimism climbed to a four-month high.

But a strong economy is not without challenges. Tight labor markets have made hiring increasingly more difficult. According to NFIB data, businesses are lowering requirements for both skilled and unskilled workers.

And as manufacturers are increasing their wages to attract workers, they are putting pressure on each other and on other industries to keep up.

For more information, contact:
Marina Malenic
440.684.3000 ext. 159

Star Precision Technologies Names New Director of Manufacturing Operations

Cleveland, OH: April 30, 2019. For Immediate Release

Michael Rappach has joined Star Precision Technologies, a subsidiary of Alloy Bellows, as director of manufacturing operations.

With over 20 years of precision manufacturing experience in both the medical device and aerospace industries, Rappach has developed a deep knowledge of advanced CNC manufacturing techniques. He has designed and built manufacturing facilities, including “lights out” plants, for modern CNC production. These efforts included the first additively manufactured acetabular cup, as well as numerous 510(k) medical devices submissions.

Rappach’s previous experience includes serving in executive roles at both Innovative Medical and Structure Medical before establishing Live5CNC, a consulting company focused on 5-axis, mill-turn and swiss programming.

Rappach’s plan is to transition the company from a contract machine shop to a state-of-the-art complex parts manufacturer. The modernization will align Star with Industry 4.0. By implementing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) approach, the Star team will promote both efficiency and transparency as it allows customers to “see” their orders at every stage of the manufacturing process in real time.

“The growth and success of Star will not come down to the efforts of any one person; it will be the result of exceptional people coming together as a team, embracing and mastering the latest in manufacturing technology to ensure on-time delivery of the highest quality products every time,” according to Rappach.

“Michael Rappach has been an excellent addition to our senior team,” said Michael Canty, President & CEO of Alloy Bellows, which owns Star Precision Technologies.  “We have high confidence in his ability to significantly raise the bar in taking Star Precision Technologies to new levels of technology, innovation, and manufacturing.”

For more information, contact:
Marina Malenic
440.684.3000 ext. 159

Star Sponsors AWT Robotics Competition

Cleveland, OH: April 29, 2019. For Immediate Release

Volunteers from Star Precision Technologies and parent company Alloy Bellows and Precision Welding were last week among the thousands of supporters and participants who made Northeast Ohio’s largest annual high school combat robotics competition a success for the ninth year in a row.

The Alliance for Working Together’s (AWT’s) April 29 “RoboBots” event, sponsored by area manufacturing firms like Star and hosted by Lakeland Community College, was held in the Athletic & Fitness Center at the college’s main campus in Kirtland.

Both high school and middle school robotics teams competed with the help of the area’s manufacturing companies. The firms support the schools’ efforts through both financial contributions and mentoring of individual teams.

Students began building months in advance in order to get their bots combat ready. “They started working on them last fall,” said Alice Cable, executive director of the AWT Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote manufacturing careers through activities like the RoboBots competition.

Spectators cheered on their favorite schools, bots, and companies as Ashtabula Technical School this year beat Beaumont High School in the high school competition. A team from Kenston Middle School edged out a team from St. Gabriel Middle School in the Junior Bots middle school competition.

AWT’s mission is to promote rewarding careers in manufacturing. As Ohio’s largest economic sector, manufacturing sustains 700,000 jobs and contributes 17% of the state’s $650 million GDP.

RoboBots introduces kids to manufacturing processes, giving them the opportunity to design, engineer, machine, assemble, and program their own robots.

Numerous area teams have competed in a double-elimination style tournament for the past nine years in a row, and the participation numbers have been growing every year. The 2019 event featured over 50 teams, 3,000 spectators, 45 volunteers and two dozen corporate sponsors.

For more information, contact:
Marina Malenic
440.684.3000 ext. 159

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