We are proud to announce we have achieved AS9100C certification!

However, we won’t rest on our laurels as we now prepare for revision level D certification in 2018.

Additional exciting news…

  • We have opened up an additional 10,000 square feet of space to house our contract assembly area, wash line and stage both raw material and finished goods.
  • Our investments continue with the purchase of 11 new machines; a lathe and bed mill for our rapid prototype cell, 2 mill/turn machines, a second 5-axis vertical mill, a third CNC saw, 2 horizontal turning centers with live tooling, a vertical turning lathe with live tooling, a 4-axis vertical machining center and a Zeiss laser optical visual inspection machine.
  • The shop has been prepped for air conditioning to be installed later this summer.

We will continue our quest for world class sustainability. Your response to our continuous improvement efforts has been overwhelming and we are grateful for your support and most importantly, the opportunity to be a partner in your growth and success.

Thank you,

The Star Team



What an exciting and transformational year it has been for us at Star! Our acquisition last year by Alloy Bellows & Precision Welding brought with it new resources and investments focused on capacity, productivity, and World Class long-term sustainability. Some of the key changes are shown below.


  • Installed 16 new multi-axis, CNC machines increasing our machining/assembly capabilities and adding significant capacity
  • Added 2 new Laser Optical visual inspection units in our Quality Lab in our move toward automated, error-free inspection
  • Purchased an automated, ultrasonic, multi-stage parts washing system


  • We added 1st shift production and support personnel and grew our 2nd shift from 3 to 13 personnel to grow both capacity and documented systems
  • We strengthened our Engineering Support Team by 3, to work with our customers on upfront VA/VE initiatives and add floor support for programming and set-ups
  • We improved our floor Supervision to facilitate and optimize the flow of product through the shop to meet our delivery commitments


  • Our Contract Review process was shortened from 7 days to 2 to respond quicker
  • An APQP process was implemented on all new part orders, insuring a strong quality focus
  • Transitioned to an electronic scheduling format for more accurate capacity planning and job scheduling increasing our focus on starting jobs on time
  • Established ITAR certification and laid the groundwork for our anticipated AS9100 Rev C certification in February 2017, adding to our current ISO certifications.
  • The offices have been remodeled, a new roof has been added, AC will be installed throughout in Spring 2017 and lean organizational efforts are in progress.


Whew! That is some list of accomplishments – and they will continue as we focus on World Class sustainability. We renamed the company
Star Precision “Technology” for a reason, and set a high bar for 2017.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to serving your needs in the future.

Robobot Sponsor

Star Precision Technologies is proud to sponsor the Robobots Team from Auburn Career Center in Concord, Ohio. The Robobots event, held at Lakeland Community College on Saturday April 29th, is a friendly rivalry between area High Schools and Tech Centers. From scratch and under the tutelage of local manufacturer’s, each Team engineers and builds its own unique Robobot. In a single-elimination format, one winner stands at the end of the day.

From Star’s perspective, all participants are winners! If you have the opportunity to be a spectator, please try to attend. The fieldhouse is packed with parents, students and local manufacturers. It is an exciting day all for everyone involved.

Both financial and engineering support is critical to their success. Any opportunity that presents itself to highlight careers in manufacturing to young minds, count us in! We are in need of such talent now and well in to the future to maintain our status as the Global Leader in Manufacturing.

New LED Lighting Project Completed

Our shop is now fully outfitted with new LED lighting.  The difference is really remarkable, even though fewer actual lights are being used, and a lot less energy, the light output has been increased.

The employees at Star Precision are all in agreement that this is another step to make our company “Better.”  The new lighting is bright, but soft with low-glare.  Our improved lighting is said to improve alertness, mood and performance.  So far, we think it does.  The level of task visibility and color rendering has also greatly increased, while shadows have been reduced.

The management at Star Precision worked with Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED), in Mentor, Ohio, to choose and design the proper lighting for our shop.  They also assisted us with obtaining an energy rebate for our upgrade.

One more step in our continuing commitment to remain a company that performs Better & Faster for the benefit of our customers and employees.  If you are interested in learning more about us, please contact us.