Precision Machining
Experts in complex components, flexible and versatile capability.
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Value Added Services
Complete source for product assembly and inventory programs.
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Floor-driven quality culture.
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Precision. Quality. Security.

5-Axis Mill/Turn

  • Multi-axis machines
  • Momplex components
  • Multiple operations

Production Lathes

  • Live tooling
  • Quick-change tooling

3-5 Axis Milling

  • Vertical + horizontal
  • Lights-out

Vertical Turning Centers

  •  Production lathes
  • Auto-load bar feeders

Value-Added Services

  • Product assembly and kitting
  • Inventory and stocking programs


You can learn a lot about an operation by the company they keep — and we like to think we keep some pretty impressive company. Our professional affiliations allow us to interact with companies and people who help us stay on top of the latest advancements as well as best business practices.

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